Seeking an Authentic Spirituality

We are surrounded by claims of spirituality from beautiful wall posters to “new-age” prophets offering to reveal their secrets if we will only follow them.

I believe spirituality it is a real and objective state and experience and is available to all human beings. I believe spirituality is learned and discovered, is found in relationship and action, and can be accessed by anyone who desires to experience it.

I am here to assist you in this most exciting quest as you learn to tap into your spirituality. You will deepen relationships in your life and experience greater fulfillment of your dreams and goals.

Recovery from Religion

Many people have felt abused and harmed by religious groups and/or organizations.

I have been an ordained minister, have seen inside the church and have suffered my own hurts and disillusionment. I am sensitive to people who have been harmed or are disillusioned through religion.

I will assist as a guide as you navigate this journey. I will listen, give you honest feedback, and assist as you examine and reframe beliefs and experiences. We will make this complex and deep pilgrimage together.