What you can expect in our coaching relationship

We will work together to craft a relationship that is open, transparent and honest. A relationship that you participate in building, not just handed to you.

You will truly be heard.

I will listen to what you say and what’s behind your words, your voice, your emotion, your energy – everything you communicate.

I will hold you accountable and keep you moving toward your dreams and goals. You will not be held in judgment when you miss the mark.

I will be totally curious about your dreams and aspirations, what makes you tick, what you value, what turns you on.

I promise to tell you the whole truth about your strengths and where you sell yourself short. I believe you can handle it and that’s what you want.

I will listen to you without judgment.

You will be able to celebrate successes and explore when you made a mess of things.

Our goal together is for you to break free of those limiting beliefs that sabotage you. We will call them out and see them for what they are. We will work together for you to grow beyond them.

You will learn to create a relationship that is negotiated, that you design to express your true self. A relationship in which honest and caring communication is practiced between us.

"Are you ready to begin building this relationship for yourself?

What types of coaching I offer

Sessions can be face-to-face in an office setting or can be done remotely via video conferencing